Longing to Live

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(Photo: CNN.com)

The weather outside was frightful.

It had been raining incessantly for 3 days.

Whirlwinds were blowing demolishing everything on its way.
No powerno connectivity for 30 hours.
The last he could know was the flood warnings.

But people couldn’t undertake anything as all roads were destroyed.

Water kept rising. The lone old man suffered a panic attack.
Who the life doesn’t fascinate?

Water started rising to the second floor. 

With all the strength he could gather he reached the top.

He managed to collect a bottle of white paint, to write “SAVE ME” on the terrace.
helicopter might come for his rescue.

As soon as he reached the external space, the whirlwind blew and a bolt of lightning struck him hard.

Thus everything ended sooner than he expected.

{Written for Today’s Author Prompt For December 21, 2018}





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