Absolute Decimation

Image result for st. helena islandPhoto: Queensland.com

What hurts more, the pain of heartburn or that of a heartbreak?

Napoleon was seen staring through his bedroom window. A steady downpour has created a fog. His weary eyes couldn’t be fixed on anything he could believe as the skyline, let alone identify the boundary of Saint Helena Island from all other presences.

He was scared of throwing up. The image of a military leader! He held his breath.
If he didhe won’t be fined either! A scoffing reminder about his exile.  

The growing pain above the belly button didn’t concern him much.
But …..Josephine! Her shrieks on the day their marriage was annulled, echoed in his earsIt was raining back then, too.

Bitter remorse overruled him with a tinge of intense despair.
He was shivering, his soul withering. The rain became intenser.

His head turned sideways, the blood arrested face fell into a deep slumber.


Word Count: 150

{Written for What Pegman Saw}

13 thoughts on “Absolute Decimation

  1. Such a sad version of the little general. Heartburn or heartbreak is a great binary choice. The last line, where you use ther term ” blood arrested face” confused me, i was not sure what I was meant to see. Did he die?

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  2. I really like the strong emotion you convey here! So lost and sad, and yet unable to show his true feelings to a hostile world. I’m a little confused by the last line, though: what do you mean by a “blood arrested face”?

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