Sweet Tooth

PHOTO PROMPT © Priya Bajpal

Saras has learned the lessons only a toothache can teach, promptly to disregard when the ache is gone. The fifty-eight-year-old woman can’t quit the sweet stuff. 
A tooth removal was essential. Being a heedless patient, her dentist has stopped exchanging pleasantries. Services weren’t denied, thanks to the Hippocratic oath.

At the clinic, while experiencing excruciating pain, her eyes fell on the multi-colored candies kept in a jar on the pebbled surface teapoy. 
Before leaving after the procedure Saras queried someone if she could take some.
“Of course!” 

Candy-like papers with dental health tips left her bitter for the remaining day.


100 words

{Friday Fictioneers}


50 thoughts on “Sweet Tooth

  1. Addiction ? …otherwise there’s nothing wrong with a little pleasure after a painful moment. Nicely done. I did wonder about the jar in the photo prompt!!!

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  2. Hilarious! I can identify with poor Saras, though. Yesterday I heard a radio report that some guy who started his own Cough Institute has discovered that chocolate is more effective in quieting a cough than any other potion, elixir, or cough drop.

    Now, THAT makes a lot of sense 🙂

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