Month: January 2019

Depth Images

PHOTO PROMPT © Russell Gayer


“Mom, do you ever think of dad?”

The seventy-eight-year-old mother retained a dazed look at her son’s query. They were walking up the valley towards the pale mountains.



“We never enjoyed that connection.” 

 His mother was seen grim-faced and silent. 

To his surprise she continuedpointing at the mountains.

“Your dad was like those mountains. He wanted attention and adoration. Somehow, he gained it. I waslike this valley, always unnoticed, unattended and unappreciated. Everyone forgets mountains are inseparable from valleys”. She paused. “… It’s good that he’s no more…!

Alan credited the unfathomable depths of human relationships.


Word Count: 100

{Written for Friday Fictioneers}


Blissful Reassignment

New YearsMorgueFile Fidler Jan New Year’s

The bridge was filled with the impatient hundreds who have turned up for the celebrations. The New Year was near. 

Mettilda has put on the appropriate dress she had saved for the occasion, a crystal embellished pink maxi with a matching neck scarf and a hat. Her eyes were sparkling with the delight of life

For a second she rewound all the pains and agonies endured, because of her identity being trapped in the wrong body of Matt Henry. Mettilda was looking forward to a renewed life she had always desired.

The New Year was born, sparkling spectacles filled the sky. There was joy everywhere. People greeted each other.

 She left the place leaving behind everything that belonged to Matt Henry.

Word Count: 121

{Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner 2019: Week #1}

The Irony

Photo Akshata Ram

The non-tech-savvy mother struggled with the smart device every time her daughter sent a message or call. She has already spent around 45 minutes to download a snap.

Finally, when the picture was visible, she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Her daughter has detailed that it as the view from her apartment window.

It was winter in Oregon. The mother could see snow filled park followed by snow-covered pine trees.

Living in a desert, where men marry twice or thrice to bring in more people to carry water, the mother laughed at the irony.

Word Count: 95

{Written for FFfAW Challenge – 198th}

Nasty Dreams

SPF 10-14-18Joy Pixley 3Photo Credit: Joy Pixley

I remember I was trudging. Was that a real place? I was cursing someone for putting me through that sea of cacti. The ones I have never seen or imagined.

Cacti, whose long spines tried to pierce my bosom and my spine to make sure I don’t escape alive. No spot to rest but walk, as if on a moving roller coaster. Some spineless cacti had disgusting round holes. That made me wish for long, cruel claws to crush everything. 

I could behold the mountains at a distance, but no, I can’t make it for that sea was uncrossable. I felt like falling into a bottomless pit.

With a jolt, everything resolved. 
dream so vivid during a siesta is quite maddening.

{Written for SPF}

Word Count: 122

A Sweet Introduction

Image result for African and western girls as friends
(Photo: Pinterest)

“Hello, I am Emma. May I know your good name, please?”I tried befriending my first African mate. Isolated in that college campus, she looked weary. Somehow, my eyes were fixed on her wavy hair.

“Nice to meet you, I am Dumi.” The lack of smile while introducing was something I was unused to. Did I carry a surly expression?
I decided to resume my small talk.

“You remind me of a character…”
“The hairdresser of Harare?” She intervened with a smile. “…I come from Harare too!”

An absolute stranger with a commendable anticipation power to complete our sentence is a keeper. Dumi gave me the best amazement.
Later on, our chat topics varied; poverty, society, war and all the sad realities of human existence. Still, our short but sweet introduction remains as a beautiful memory, of friendship between two book lovers belonging to two continents.

{Written for What Pegman Saw}

Word Count: 145