Month: March 2019

Beyond a Mysterious Journey

Beyond a Mysterious Journey (SPIRITS OF TIME Book 1) by [Suman, Madhuparna]


There are not many books in the genre of travelogue plus fantasy.

Introducing you an interesting read in this genre : Beyond a Mysterious Journey (SPIRITS OF TIME Book 1) by Madhuparna Suman.

Briefing the book

  • A mixture of travelogue, supernatural elements & fantasy.
  • The story begins where a couple decides to go on a foreign trip to Georgia, to escape their boring life.
  • The story turns into fantasy once they visit a palace out of their plan and get trapped there. Will they survive the trap they got in there?

The book is one of a kind, say most readers.

So get your hands on it…… SOON.

Available on Notion Press , Amazon And Flipkart

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Beware of the old men in suits

Train Station

Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

The old man in the executive suit holding a black briefcase in his right hand, impatiently examined his watch every 30 seconds. From the looks, it was evident he was waiting for his train. Late running trains were unfamiliar to him.

Within seconds two trains passed fast in opposing directions in the adjacent rail tracks. Not his.

“I would be fired today for the lateness!” He told as if to someone, but none indeed heard him as his voice sank in the trains’.

“Martha and kids would be waiting! I can’t be late!“Martha and kids would be waiting! The stranger smirked.

He sat in a vacant chair, cross-legged, his briefcase kept on his right side.

Moments later he smiled recollecting how he and his brother used to catch fish by diving in the deep waters near his childhood home. He was always better than his brother.

When the next train came, he was still demonstrating his skills, made a jump into the water.

A couple of days later a family in search of their missing schizophrenic father received his body.


180 words

{Sunday Photo Fiction}