Month: April 2020


woman sitting near wooden table

{Pic: Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis }

The pandemic clutched onto her like a warm, ardent lover.

Her blooming pencils filled with scented basil seeds tried to blow away the grimness of the room.

Soil filled broken vases near the window pane took many days to show the tiny green flags.


She recovered.


©Mridula 2020

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three line tales, week 218: a woman drinking coffee with laptop and guitar{Photo by Elijah O’Donnell via Unsplash}


To be precise, it was her 27th attempt and 13th coffee in a row.

The app, her brainchild, has already succeeded in rooting.

Who told hacking can’t be a fairer sex’s affinity?


Photo Prompt from Three Line Tales, Week 218