woman sitting near wooden table

{Pic: Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis }

The pandemic clutched onto her like a warm, ardent lover.

Her blooming pencils filled with scented basil seeds tried to blow away the grimness of the room.

Soil filled broken vases near the window pane took many days to show the tiny green flags.


She recovered.


©Mridula 2020

48 words


6 thoughts on “Healing

  1. I really like sprouts as “tiny green flags”! We have a whole bunch of seedlings around our house waiting to be transplanted, and it’s true: they look like flags, and they signal spring arriving!
    I think you have a typo in your third sentence: either “taking them days” or “Soil-filled.. vases… took days” maybe?

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  2. There’s a lot going on in this short piece. I liked the idea of recovery through encouraging plants to grow (that’s very close to my heart), but the first image of the pandemic as an ardent lover was jarring.

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