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Tears of Joy

grayscale photography of woman carrying girl

(Photo: Caroline Hernandez via Unsplash)


The stage was merry.
The audience at the ready
The wide eyes showed worry.

“Don’t fret my angel!”
Mamma patted her darling.

“They may frown, I fear!”
The little one panted,
pulling her tie along.

“You will do well!”
Mamma kept telling.

The little one did well.
Mamma cried tears of joy.
Love always wins.

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A winter getaway

WOW: Write About The Sounds You Hear

An escape from the hustling and bustling city to my grandmother’s lovely village was something I constantly dreamt.

The humble village where the sun’s radiance reflected the gentle heart of the villagers and the breeze accompanied us like a faithful companion. The fresh air greeted us with flower scents; it was the haven of the chirping birds that hummed melodies that no other instruments were capable to play.

Walking alone or sitting serenely listening to our thoughts seemed a maddening exercise in the cities. The outdoors offered sounds of roaring machines, moving motors or chattering people. All we obtain to breathe is the polluted black air. Things were the same if you escape to a lush park. The indoors marked the rumblings of a high-pressure, target oriented workplace. Or we can hear the constant uninteresting conversations sprouted either from our own house or from the neighbors’ flat. Or the screams of those kids who ne’er enjoyed active spaces.

The village wakened me up with the symphonies of nature. Life became marvelous.
Close by my bedroom window there was a Java Apple tree,  full of pink delicious fruits. The various colored birds feasted on the fruits taking turns and made love. I could sit all day near the window and observe them. I was listening to my mind, without actually making an effort.

The views were enough to strike a chord.
A gentle reminder to find a soul mate and to have a family.
A notice that devouring good food, having sound sleep and merrymaking with friends is a sure-fire good life scheme. No bonus for sacrificing one’s life for the company’s growth.
My mind noted and conveyed the things I was missing in my hectic corporate life.
What a pleasant way of life!

NB: All should escape to a lovely place often to be in tune with our own selves, to discover what the mind has to tell and discover our calls.

{This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.}