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Blissful Reassignment

New YearsMorgueFile Fidler Jan New Year’s

The bridge was filled with the impatient hundreds who have turned up for the celebrations. The New Year was near. 

Mettilda has put on the appropriate dress she had saved for the occasion, a crystal embellished pink maxi with a matching neck scarf and a hat. Her eyes were sparkling with the delight of life

For a second she rewound all the pains and agonies endured, because of her identity being trapped in the wrong body of Matt Henry. Mettilda was looking forward to a renewed life she had always desired.

The New Year was born, sparkling spectacles filled the sky. There was joy everywhere. People greeted each other.

 She left the place leaving behind everything that belonged to Matt Henry.

Word Count: 121

{Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner 2019: Week #1}