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Reflecting on memories during the late thirties is like taking a walk through long colonnades. She has felt it a hundred times.

The ranked memories, each alcove created for each event from the childhood, adolescence and the glorious youthful days.
Some nights, when we are all alone, we see a full moon shining through the colonnades; whose solemn look befits all the sweet evocations.
On radiant days, shadowy but warm colonnades remind of the unspoken apprehensions, and agonies we once survived.

Just as the colonnades are magnificent, so are our memories.
Still, somewhere exist fallen colonnades, the vexed memories.


99 words

{Flash Fiction Challenge January 17 2019}

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes colonnades.


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Being the healthiest, she often prepared the inmates their favorite meal.
The way some recalled their life reduced her to tears, but nothing from her own made her so.

Neither that she had to give up her studies for the family’s sake nor that she got repeatedly cheated by the sole man of her lifeleaving her and the kids destitute.
Barely the times she forgave him only to repeat the cycle and the numerous times her kids failed her, and finally abandoned her.

She had allowed what came in, let what left her and seen what remained.


99 words

{January 3: Flash Fiction Challenge}

Longing to Live

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The weather outside was frightful.

It had been raining incessantly for 3 days.

Whirlwinds were blowing demolishing everything on its way.
No powerno connectivity for 30 hours.
The last he could know was the flood warnings.

But people couldn’t undertake anything as all roads were destroyed.

Water kept rising. The lone old man suffered a panic attack.
Who the life doesn’t fascinate?

Water started rising to the second floor. 

With all the strength he could gather he reached the top.

He managed to collect a bottle of white paint, to write “SAVE ME” on the terrace.
helicopter might come for his rescue.

As soon as he reached the external space, the whirlwind blew and a bolt of lightning struck him hard.

Thus everything ended sooner than he expected.

{Written for Today’s Author Prompt For December 21, 2018}


Shocking Messes

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Why would you want to be a counselor?”

Merina always remembers how frustrated her mother was when she revealed her inclination.

“You serious? You have umpteen choices to live in peace. Why you like to go to the people who experience depression…or…Or… Abusive behavior…And make yourself deal with hell almost all days?” Her mother had groaned.

Merina stood up for her choice and she won. Accolades followed. 

very flexible work life, contented family life with her husband and a son. A committed practitioner who organised sessions for her young patients and parents to identify the problems at the first stage. She had her own theories which turned out successful on practice.

One evening she came back to her apartment just to see the jumbled living room. She was a bit shocked but more surprised.

On further search, she found that the burglar was so prudent that he made things appear like a failed theft attempt.

The valuables were ransacked from their exact spots without even a clutter.

All the mess was in the living room from which nothing was missing.

The enquiries followed. 

Merina even thought about offering a session to the burglar. People steal due to behavioral problems, for necessities or addictions.

The officials identified the thief.

To her ultimate shock, it was none other than her own son. 

He had admitted the several other thefts committed, some alone, some with a company. Perks for drugs!
Merina felt like a failure for the first ever time.

{Written for the promptuarium prompt Ransacked}