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The caged but hungry butterfly felt dizzy consuming the artificial liquid fed by the girl, shouting “drink and be merry!

When booze-free, it could sense the precious nectar of a nearby flower that was moving dilly-dally in the breeze.

It tried passing through the cage with all its might only to fail, then cried, “nothing in life is as sweet as freedom!


{In response to Three Line Tales, Week 149}

The Return

The first time he had come to Frankfurt was to pursue his post graduation.
After years, when he returned his homeland fetching a good job opportunity, he had satisfactorily completed his postdoctoral studies.
He expressed a dozen reasons to thank the place.
For him, Frankfurt was all about royale and resilience.
All around he could view only monumentous and prestigious structures.
The once war-destroyed city later emerged as a dominant spot.
The once love damaged man could find solace in its warmth.
The pleasant neighborhood and the scenic beauty made Frankfurt very dear to him.

When he explored the place as a dying wish, after 42 years, all he could see were the royal remnants looking humble amidst the multi-storied contemporary architecture. 

Heights don’t guarantee mojo!” The old man sighed. 

{In response to What Pegman Saw: Frankfurt, Germany}

Sky Lanterns

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                                                                                                                                          (Photo : From Google)

“Good, your first baby is doing great!”                                           The doctor exclaimed during my seventh month scanning.

Felt happy, still anxious, for we were expecting twins.
His face grew grim suddenly.
“I am sorryI am so sorry! He murmured.
Our world seemed to be collapsing.

Soon after my delivery, they brought us our healthy little one.
There was joy. But our hearts were hardened to heartily enjoy.

An experienced nurse carefully brought a trolley decorated with flowers and toys, and there laid our stillborn.
Writhing in unspeakable agony I could look only once. 

After the obituary and cremation, we reached the lush valley with our healthy baby.
The approaching evening greeted us with a rosy sky.

We lighted a sky lantern. As it flew up, it’s believed the dear baby we lost is promptly returning to heaven.

To this day, sky lanterns remind us of disenfranchised sorrows human lives are bestowed with.


{Based on a true incident}


                        three line tales, week 148: gulls over a stormy sea                                                                                                                                                           (Photo by Lalo via Unsplash)

From my standpoint in the ship, towards the left, there’s my ex-husband flirting with his young girlfriend, and that naturally prompted me to turn right. 

saw the monster sea waves terrifying the swooping seagulls, but some swam over the tough waves expecting a good fortune, just like  the girl who found her way amidst my chaos.

Only the callous can fish in troubled waters.

{Written for Three Line Tales, Week 148}

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